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Record Store Day 2014’s Outstanding Indie Shop Sales Revealed By New Stats Company

Buzzangle-music-logoBuzzAngle Music is a new analytics company. Earlier this week, while Hypebot was down from an almost week-long DDOS attack on Typepad, they announced the first daily stats from Record Store Day focused on indie record shops. One could say this brings indie record stores into the late 20th Century and is a reminder that just because the tech exists doesn't mean everyone is in a position to pay for it or implement it. Given BuzzAngle's additional capabilities, I guess they're actually helping indies leapfrog into the present.

Barring acts of God and hackers, I should be writing more about BuzzAngle Music next week. Until then I'll focus on the amazing Record Store Day sales that help explain why major labels are in and sucking up as much of the capacity of vinyl pressing plants as they can.

On Tuesday BuzzAngle Music released a number of sales stats comparing that Saturday's sales to the previous Saturday's sales. This includes sales at previously unreported shops but does not speak to Record Store Day's growth year-over-year.

They report:

image from"A 646% growth in sales at independent record stores on Record Store Day (Saturday, April 19) in comparison to the previous Saturday (April 12)"

"A 1,855% increase in vinyl sales for the industry as a whole (a 1,062% growth in overall sales mix for vinyl) on Record Store Day in comparison to the previous Saturday"

"A 2,042% increase in vinyl sales at independent stores (a 187% growth in overall sales mix for vinyl, with over 74% of all titles sold being vinyl releases) on Record Store Day in comparison to the previous Saturday"

In addition they shared the Top 25 Albums and Singles sold on Record Store Day at indie record stores that were RSD Exclusive Vinyl Releases. So this is a very specific snapshot but an important one for anyone wishing to understand what's really happening on RSD.

Top 25 RSD Albums

1. Live – Tame Impala

2. Live at Hampton Coliseum – The Grateful Dead

3. An Ideal For Living (1978) – Joy Division

4. 7 Skies H3 – The Flaming Lips

5. Meltdown With The Ramones – The Ramones

6. Loaded – The Velvet Underground

7. Live 2012 – Death Cab For Cutie

8. The 1969 Singles – Creedence Clearwater Revival

9. Live With Joe Strummer – The Pogues

10. Because the Internet – Childish Gambino

11. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik – The OutKast

12. The Wizard of Oz: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Various

13. Life After Death – The Notorious B.I.G.

14. Demolicious – Green Day

15. Live at Eddie’s Attic – The Civil Wars

16. Ultimate Alternative Wavers – Built to Spill

17. Indie Cindy – Pixies

18. Recover EP – Chvrches

19. Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day (Volume 1) – The Various Artists

20. Clear Lake Forest – The Black Angels

21. Odessey and Oracle – The Zombies

22. Live At Monterey – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

23. With His Hot and Blue Guitar – Johnny Cash

24. Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine – The Doors

25. Girls Talk – Garbage

Top 25 RSD Singles

1. Pennyroyal Tea / I Hate Myself and Want To Die – Nirvana

2. Side By Side Series: Just Like Heaven – The Cure/Dinosaur Jr.

3. Side By Side Series: Gates Of Steel Live – Devo/The Flaming Lips

4. American Beauty – Bruce Springsteen

5. 1984 Picture Disc – David Bowie

6. Side By Side Series: 7 and 7 is – Mystery Artists – Rush / Love

7. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr.

8. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow / Down In De Dew – Frank Zappa

9. Learn To Obey – Off!

10. Million Dollar Bill / Easy/Lucky/Free – Conor Oberst/Dawes

11. Dragonfly / The Purple Dancer – Fleetwood Mac

12. Side By Side Series: The Badge – Poison Idea/Pantera

13. Forever – Haim

14. You’ve Got Time – Regina Spektor

15. I’m Less Here – Mazzy Star

16. Hundreds of Ways / Fast Friends – Conor Oberst

17. The Lake Nokomis Maxi Single – Atmosphere

18. Holding On for Life – Broken Bells

19. Take It Or Leave It b/w Jesse James – Cage The Elephant

20. Say Goodbye To Hollywood b/w Baby Please Don’t Go – Ronnie Spector & The E Street Band

21. Wait for Me b/w Don’t Matter (Live) – Kings Of Leon

22. Illumination Theory – Dream Theater

23. Supernova b.w. Pick Up a Gun – Ray LaMontagne

24. Run, John Barleycorn, Run / Ether Madness – Clutch & Lionize

25. Live From Criminal Records – Frightened Rabbit

More on BuzzAngle Music coming soon.


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  1. Ray LaMontagne’s Supernova 7” vinyl for record store has me hyped for the his new album release 4/29! Check out the early stream on iTunes!

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