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Reward Your Fans After The Sale With Living Bundles of Digital Content

Stagebloc-logoStageBloc has become a unique hybrid web service as they've developed from what initially appeared to be a blogging platform to a more complete social platform that provides creators with the tools to do such things as communicate with fans and customers from one's own site, build a social network as part of the larger StageBloc network and sell both digital and physical items. They continue to iterate and this week launched Living Bundles, an innovative digital bundle to which items can be added after the purchase.

I've been following StageBloc's progress since 2012 and I've been consistently impressed by their focus on providing useful tools for content creators, especially musicians, that fit current realities.

Though StageBloc has kept fairly quiet, they do have some high profile customers like Kid Rock, Justin Timberlake and Eric Church.

If you want to know more about the overall product, check out their Help section.

StageBloc's Living Bundles

StageBloc already makes it easy to create bundles of physical and digital music and merch on the fly.

Now they're making a much more innovative move with the introduction of Living Bundles, digital bundles of content to which one can add more digital files even after the sale.

Here's how they work:

"The way it typically works is that when a customer purchases a bundle, any physical items are shipped out and any digital downloads can be found in their receipt. If you add additional digital items to the bundle later, any customers who had already purchased the bundle would be out of luck. This is not the case with Living Bundles."

"When a Living Bundle is updated, StageBloc will email any past purchasers to let them know there's a new download available. They can then go to their original receipt and see the additional download as if it were there all along."

Living Bundles clearly offer some easy way to get closer to your fans. It's not just about adding stuff you left out but about making what you'll add later part of the enticement.

Of course, an unexpected surprise addition after a sale would certainly be appreciated by most fans.


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