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Self Publishing on YouTube

147977834_edit-2Are you using YouTube to it's maximum potential? Odds are, if you're a musician who is not actively using a YouTube channel as an avenue to reach your audience, grow your fanbase, and forge new partnerships, then the answer is no... but you could be.

YouTube is a golden gateway to endless opportunity. People are always looking for soundtracks to their videos, music to their artwork, statement pieces, etc. - ways to differentiate themselves from everyone else. Aren't you looking for the same things? What sets you apart? What new opportunities could you find amongst today's greatest YouTubers? Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com as Chelsea Ira discusses self publishing on YouTube.

"There is a huge community of amateur and professional video makers on YouTube with topics ranging from beauty and fashion to gaming to health and fitness. There is also a big surge of professionalism among these YouTubers and many of the more popular channels act as full-time jobs for their creators."

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