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SFXE Picks Up Merchandising Co. Perryscope Productions, Takes Tomorrowland 2014 To MTV

Sfxe-logoSFX Entertainment [SFXE] has announced the acquisition of licensing and merchandising company Perryscope Productions. Team Perryscope will bring their expertise to all of SFXE's operations completing another major piece of the puzzle. Earlier this month MTV revealed they will be broadcasting Tomorrowland 2014, the first time this major festival has been televised. In addition SFXE completed the purchase of React Presents which is responsible for multiple festivals in the Midwest.

SFXE x Perryscope Productions

SFXE's purchase of Perryscope Productions adds a key element to their process of owning every layer of the EDM experience.

Interestingly enough, Perryscope Productions is not an EDM-specific company:

"[Founder Norman] Perry has had an extensive career as both a live event promoter and a pioneer in entertainment merchandising, be it at events or through the sale of a wide array of lifestyles products in online and retail stores around the world."

"Over the years, his clients have included a diverse lineup, including Pink Floyd, Genesis, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Police and the festival that started it all – Woodstock. Perryscope has also represented theatrical properties, including The Who’s Tommy, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark and A Night With Janis Joplin, as well as family shows, such as Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!"

However Perryscope does work with such EDM festivals as Life in Color, Mysteryland, Q-Dance, Sensation and Ultimate Music Experience.

Perryscope isn't just important in terms of handling licensing and merchandising. Given that EDM will ultimately appear everywhere that other genres appear, including on Broadway, understanding those realms will be key to SFXE's longer-term existence.

MTV To Televise Tomorrowland 2014

MTV will be televising Tomorrowland 2014 bringing a major EDM festival to television for the first time in its 10 years of existence.

However the whole thing won't be televised. MTV wil create two 60 minute specials that will premiere in August.

Now SFXE can add tv to its media initiatives which also include radio. Television offers a truly major opportunity for EDM at this stage. And if you're convinced EDM is in bubble territory, you're way ahead of the timeline.

It won't be a bubble till Deadmau5 capitulates and does a reality tv show.

React Presents Purchase Complete

SFXE announced an intent to purchase Midwest festival and concert producer React Presents back in February.

That purchase was officially completed earlier this month.


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