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Spotify and Box TV Launching Top 40 TV Show

Box_Television_logoLeading UK music video tv channel Box TV is bringing Spotify to what used to be the small screen aka the television. In what is apparently just the beginning of a partnership, the two are launching "The Official Box+ Streaming Chart" which is described as a "brand new music TV show." What's kind of weird is that they don't really tell you anything about the show leaving me to assume it's all music videos like what I imagine the rest of their channels to be. But that's just a guess.

In a Box TV post, "The Official Box+ Streaming Chart" is described as the "first ‘Official Streaming’ chart on music TV." The show will be based on a weekly top 40 chart from Spotify that will air Mondays beginning April 14 on 4Music.

Box TV MD Matt Rennie says this move is part of a larger move to partner with tech companies as music tv faces declining viewership:

"The ratings are a challenge...There’s been an 8% decline in music TV viewing year on year. We’re fighting against that and doing quite well. We’ve gone down only by about 2% and are increasing market share within that."

Rennie also stated that there was "more to come" from the relationship.

I'm assuming they're basically using the Spotify Top 40 to program a music video show. Maybe they'll have hosts or animations or random cat pictures in between. I don't know.

More importantly, drawing on a streaming top 40 chart seems like a great way to program a music video show for a contemporary audience. In fact, you could take the relationship further by programming all sorts of video shows with any number of Spotify playlists.

The move also helps give Box TV an up-to-date look and a fresh approach to programming as it works Spotify deeper into the web of everyday life.

And working your way into that web is a key part of winning the streaming music game.


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