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Kosha-dillz-kickstarterBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

Now many of us are considering our next cool tweet or hustling and bustling to make sure we get our taxes done. Shoot, some of us are still scouring over all the Coachella pics that we don't get to see in real life.  We're still imprisoned and lost in the actions of others and forget to do things ourselves. Passover is a holiday that represents the Jews' exodus from slavery of the Egyptians. Sure some of us don't wanna hear all the Bible mumbo jumbo but let's face it. A good story is a good story and the fact that people wandered until freedom was capable and did whatever it took to survive is very similar to our own music industry careers in whether we "make it" or "don't make it." We need to keep the mentality in mind before we get pushed out into the emptiness.

Moses came down from MT. Sinai and gave the Jews the Torah - Steve Jobs gave us the MacBook.

It's up to us what we put inside this MacBook. We can stay around all day and use it for Netflix or we can use it to design, edit, and create our own future. All the programs are within this MacBook. Keys, letters, recurring capabilities. What are we gonna do with it? It cannot work without us. We must wake up every day and utilize our tools if we have them. It doesn't have to be a MacBook. It can also be a pencil.

Matzah is flat unleavened bread - Sometimes we are so in a rush we need to make things happen in our career.

If you are in a rush it's ok. Take what you can and go and it'll be ok. Sometimes not being entirely ready is the best way to handle any situation. You still have to handle it, whether booking a show a week out, or even releasing a video. When its time to go, go full force and that might be your best creation. As you can see, matzah is a big hit!.

10 plagues were cast upon the Pharaoh and Egyptians -   Some people just won't listen until…they are forced to because they have no other choice.

Now I'm not saying to kill a promoter who won't book you or threaten an agents life by making him swim in pools of blood or releasing violent beasts in their office 10th floor offices, but sometimes you have to bang on the door to get what you want …A LOT.  Many times we need to step it up in our own way to create the outcome we need. Jews wanted to be freed from slavery, so they revolted against the Egyptians, and only until they killed the first born of every child in the 10th plague, were they let go.

This is why certain videos have millions of views. There is usually a factor that is almost like a "killing of the first born" which takes your career to the next level.  Look at Wax's "Rosana" video or Murs' Animal Style video where he kisses a man. This makes headlines everywhere and takes you to the next level, aka freedom from the Pharaoh of middle level success. Those are the first plagues. Those plagues are things we do out of oppression to write that hit but just make a dent. We need to keep going!

The bitter herb tastes very unpleasant -  We must always remember to stay humble.

We must always know that during the Passover Seder, there is this part where we eat bitter herb. Its a horrible tasting thing that cleans our nostrils of any stuffy nose, but more importantly is bad. Sometimes life gets really good and we are doing thing great work and becoming very popular and successful. Maybe you are just doing great and make lots of new friends in the industry and you notice how you forget a lot of the people you first started with… Now is the time to eat that bitter herb, aka remember the people you started with, be humble and stay close. Every year I eat the bitter herb and I think about how grateful I am for what I have. It could be way worse. If it wasn't for the bad times, we would not have the good times.

The Red Sea split in half and swallowed up the Egyptians - Don't quit before your miracle happens.

Many people say it was fixed or there was some natural phenomenon before the Red Sea actually split and let Moses walk through with his staff.  In your career, whether performing, managing or any other facet of the music business, many things will keep you doubting about how to explode and become freed from your captivity. The key is very similar to 12 step program mentality as it is to the story of Passover. Moses was fleeing from Pharaoh after they decided to let them go and getting chased by all the Egyptians.  When he got to the Red Sea Moses literally had to split it open to cross it.  Now provided it happened with physical phenomenon for every skeptic the story is the same. They could've quit, but then a miracle happened, and they were saved.  I can't tell you how many years it took for me even get on a real tour that was publicized properly.

It took me forever to get into so many things, and then eventually it all happened. And then after this all….they wandered in the desert for 40 years until they found Israel. Now how long will you wander and write in the studio until you find your hit song, or your best job ever?

If you quit today one thing is for certain. You never will!

Enjoy your Passover, your Easter, or your tax free week. Enjoy your life. Let us know your Passover miracle in the comment box below. I'm flying home to see my family, because you only have one family to see!