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My instrument just BARELY doesn't fit in the metal cage thingy that they use to check baggage size. They always suggest that l check it at the gate, but l'm not exactly eager to trust my $2000 plus instrument, which is my livlihood, in the hands of aomeone who is used to tossing luggage around carelessly if it doesn't say "fragile" on it. Usually after some stubbornness on my part and a 2 minute-long argument with whoever handles boarding, l can usually perauade the person to let me put my Iinstrument under the closet, on the floor. While l have to beg for this to happen, there's an army of irritated people behind me who have all been inconvenienced along with me. Can't there just be a FREE protocol in place that would allow for musicians, who are mostly poor anyways and are taking a financial hit BY EVEN FLYING IN THE FIRST PLACE, to safely have their luggage transported with them? I myself would be perfectly willing to just hug my instrument the entire plane ride, but there are safety regulations against that.


The survey doesn't work. It forces you to say which instrument you have that contains ivory even after you answered the previous question that you do not own any instrument containing ivory!! It won't let me continue past that.

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