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Us Vine Their Way To Major Label Deal, Shorty Awards with #6SecondCovers

No-matter-ustheduoUs, aka UsTheDuo, is a husband-and-wife musical team that turned some quick promo Vine videos into a following that's helped them get on tv and land a major label record deal. They continue to experiment with Vine and are one of the stronger examples of musicians bringing their music into the 6-second format. But it's not just a novelty act. Us does full-length songs and put out an album last year that led to their Vine campaign. Now they're planning to reissue the album, "No Matter Where You Are," later this year on Republic Records.

Us, whose web presence often uses UsTheDuo for account names and domains, began posting #6SecondCovers on Vine to promote an upcoming album last fall. These quick cover songs avoided showing their full faces which became part of the appeal.

They say they came up with the idea when hanging out rather casually and deciding to create a Vine for marketing purposes. Instead of putting on makeup and so forth they simply hid their faces.

You can get multiple examples from the below video featuring all their early Vines:

The social attention led to an appearance on Good Morning America, signing with Republic Records and an upcoming feature at the Shorty Awards.

Of course the groundbreaking news is the Republic Records deal:

"Republic Records has signed Us to a deal that will include a re-released version of 'No Matter Where You Are' later this spring, with new mixes of the album’s breezy Mumford-in-love gems like 'Don’t Lay Your Head,' 'Make You Mine' and 'Come Back' currently under consideration. A new video of the album’s title track and lead single is also in the works."

And these days Us is showing their faces when they sing on Vine.


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