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What's Next For PonoMusic? New Hires, User Interface Redesign & VC Funding, Says CEO

image from cnet3.cbsistatic.comNow that they've completed the third most successful Kickstarter campaign in history, it's time for Neil Young's PonoMusic to deliver. "Our job now is to go build this thing," says PonoMusic’s CEO John Hamm.

image from static.squarespace.comThe first 10,000 Pono players will ship in October, and broader availability will come in December. To accomplish that company has hired several new designers and engineers to "rethink" Pono's beta user interface. The San Francisco based company is also currently looking to hire 6 engineers, a content team and 4-5 in-house marketers.

The $6.2 million raised on Kickstarter will be used to build Pono players and launch the download site.  But in May and June PomoMusic will be looking for additional funding from the equity markets. Those finds will be used for marketing and to build the overall company, according to Hamm. 

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