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Who are "they"? Really confusing written. Also the "Buying An Album Doesn't Mean You Can Distribute The Music" doesnt make sense. No one who buys an album can redistribute it legally. Maybe I didnt read this article properly, but please do a cleanup of this article...

Clyde Smith

"They" are the creators of the campaign who are not identified in the campaign and described themselves as "Fans of Wu Tang".

They (the creators, remember?) say they're going to buy the album and distribute it.

"No one who buys an album can redistribute it legally."

That's exactly what I said because they think they can do that when we both know they can't.

I'm just pointing out the obvious. You're saying I'm pointing out the obvious but that it doesn't make sense even though you're repeating what I'm saying.

You're not making sense.

I don't think the problem here is the post.


Its okay to disagree, but I still dont think its proper written.
The first sentence says: "The attempt to raise $5 million on Kickstarter to buy Wu-Tang's upcoming single copy release seems like a positive move based on what the creators told a media outlet."

You already use the work "creators" before you've even told who "they" or the "creators" are. I know you link to more info about the creators, but that means all users should read that article too to understand your article.
I'm not going to respond to your answer and as I said is fine to disagree, but I find it poorly written although I'm happy that people freely distribute information here on Hypebot. Just the first post I've seen I couldnt get a hang of even after several reads.

Clyde Smith

I see where you're coming from.

Part of the problem may be that I don't actually know who the creators are.

They aren't identified on the campaign site.

That's a bad move and part of the problem.

The one article that I found with names I linked to but you'll have to evaluate that for yourself.

That's for those who want to dig further but I'm critiquing the campaign and by not identifying themselves they confuse people and undermine their campaign.

And it clearly confused you. I can't start off naming them because I don't know that that's really their names.

And if you expect me to describe every detail of every article to which I link then you have unrealistic expectations of any blogger.


Can't believe their crowdfunding campaign raised over fourteen thousand already.

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