YouTube Tells Creators: 'Build A Fanbase, Not An Audience' - hypebot

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Creators to Youtube: 'Pay A Royalty, Not An Ad-Share'


I work with several notable musicians who have 100K plus subscribers. It is becoming more and more difficult for the subscribers know of/or discover new videos from the channels they have subscribed to. Also, their email notifications primarily promote the most popular videos on Youtube or just those videos Youtube wishes to promote. This is very similar to what Facebook has done. We need a Youtube competitor. Maybe Yahoo will take a stab at it. Hope so.

Jack Decker

Next time you're thinking of posting an article, please use a program that has spell check. Errors: "atendees", "od", and "thier". There should also be "build" (or some such word) between "musicians" and "a".



Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Yup, that's the industry. It's the core concept of an industry that it is not meant to sell a variety of different things but more and more and even more of the same thing. Youtube is no different. And that's why new stuff from the channels you have subscribed to, does get lost in the background of your youtube page. That stuff is just the bait. The industrial product are the promoted videos.
The question is indeed where will the Vloggers go next?

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