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YouTube Tells Creators: 'Build A Fanbase, Not An Audience'

image from upload.wikimedia.orgYouTube’s global head of entertainment Alex Carloss is telling creators to move beyond building a large audience and focus on building a fanbase.   “An audience tunes in when they're told to, a fanbase chooses when and what to watch,” Carloss told atendees of the MIPTV conference in Cannes. “An audience changes the channel when their show is over. A fanbase shares, it comments, it curates, it creates.”

On Building A Global Audience

Carloss also touted YouTube's ability to help muscians a global audience. 60% od views for most globechannels come from outside thier home countries, according to the executive.

Sometimes the global percentage is much higher. "Today, the lion's share of people watching K-Pop videos live outside of Asia – 91% of them outside Korea," said Carloss. "For so long language has served as a barrier between cultural exchange, but thanks to the power of video and the internet, those barriers are breaking down entirely.”

Source: Stuart Dredge in The Guardian