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The-short-cuttsThere are lots of ways to improve your website so that people can find it and then find what they're looking for when they get there. And there are plenty of in-depth resources for learning such things as how to keep a site in Google's good graces, how to make sure one's user interface draws in rather than repels visitors and how to maximize sales when you make an offer. But sometimes a quick nugget of distilled information, a "brain gem" if you will, is what's needed to guide the way or spur additional insights. Here are three resources that provide just that.

The Short Cutts

For those who follow the pronouncements of Google's Matt Cutts, the fact that he often has a lot to say but "sometimes the guy just needs to get to the point" is well-understood.

If you're one of those who's grown weary of analyzing Cutts' statements, The Short Cutts may be just for you. The Short Cutts presents insights from Matt Cutts about pleasing Google's search engine in the form of a quick question and answer.

And if you want the full take, you can just click on the screenshot for the video.


good uiGoodUI offers quick takes on designing user interfaces. Keep in mind that creating great, or even just good, user interfaces isn't only about how things look to your visitors but how things work when they actually engage with the site.

Rather than posing and answering questions, GoodUI offers things to try and why you might want to try them. In the process, a quick tip becomes something to think about that might just lead you to reevaluate the habits and practices that are holding back conversion on your site.

For example, if you're disappointed with music and merch sales on your website, browsing GoodUI could lead to a fresh take resulting in increased sales.

Cognitive Lode

If you really want to reboot your thinking about what you're doing online, Cognitive Lode might just do the trick.

Each of the "brain gems for decision-makers" is said to be a distillation of the "latest behavioural economics & consumer psychology research."

Latest is a bit subjective here, given that some sources go back to at least 2000, but Cognitive Lode is presenting key lessons worth learning about how we think and make decisions.

It's worth checking out if you're looking to get a bit deeper about encouraging a positive response when fans drop by your site.


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