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6 Things Every Indie Artist Needs To Know In 2014

Freelance-writers-market3-notepad.s600x600Being successful as an indie artist is not for the weak of hard. It takes more than blood, sweat, and tears to get noticed and to turn a profit. If you haven't made a plan for your career, you're going to want to take some notes. Putting yourself out there is imperative. Playing shows, networking with talented people within the industry, promoting your music - all of those things are absolutley critical to your success.

It is time to put sacrifice above status quo. If you want to be successful you must choose to do what it takes to get there. Learn more about the six critical things you need to know as an artist with Jessica Blankenship on

"Unless you have a solid plan for moving your career forward, you are part of the noise. So this is the year: Set goals about shows you would like to play, projects you would like to finish, people you would like to collaborate with, or have meetings with – all the things that are going to push you in the next phase of your development."

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