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Nice points. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

Bobby Bottleservice

Head down, mouth shut, pocket the dough, and on to the next.

Same with Luke Wood.

Also - wondering what will be the fate of the radio programmers who ditched their prime terrestrial FM gigs to 'curate' channels on Beats.

Paul Resnikoff

First world, $100 millionaire problem ;)

Edward Jennings

Trent Reznor is also conspicuously absent from the acquisition announcement. I suspect the Apple Beats integration may be anti-climatic like Beats Music. Only 110,000 subscribers for FM music disk jockey's portrayed as "music curators".

Bruce Houghton

Not taking sides, but:

Beats has 250,000 subscribers

Ian isn't worth $100 million.

He's also way more important to the future of this deal than Trent.

OK, maybe I'm taking sides.


I agree with Edward Jennings. Beats version of music as a service fails to impress me with its much hyped curation features. They can't produce something more groundbreaking?

Thomas McAlevey

The problem is obvious no? Ian should not have cut his hair...

karen allen

Funny to see this story. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading everything. Ian poured his heart into building a really excellent service and not even a nod. It's like they had to have equal representation from each side of the deal and Apple didn't have a third. Or four makes a better photo. Anyhoo, Beats Music would not be what it is without Ian's direction. That's a fact.

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