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Coldplay Sends Fans On A Lyrical Scavenger Hunt

Coldplay-ghost-stories-coverColdplay and team chose an interesting way to promote the upcoming release of "Ghost Stories." They took nine handwritten lyrics pages by Chris Martin and hid them in libraries around the world. Clues were dropped on Twitter, fans tracked them down and then revealed their discoveries. Now Coldplay is making the lyrics sheets available in a free pdf from their site. It's a nice round of activity with the actual album release still ahead.

Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" is due May 19th and their lyrics treasure hunt got them off to a good start. They didn't just hide the lyrics in libraries, they hid them in "ghost story books in libraries in nine countries, located across the planet."

Coldplay then posted clues on their Twitter account using the #lyricshunt hashtag and Coldplay researchers were soon on the job worldwide and posting pics.

One of the finders was promised a "special Golden Ticket, giving the finder (and a guest) a free trip to London to see Coldplay perform at the Royal Albert Hall on 1 July."

Coldplay documented the discoveries on their announcement page with pics of the lyrics page and a listing of the finder, the library and the book in which it was hidden.

Now they've also added the option to join their mailing list and receive a pdf download featuring digital reproductions of the lyrics sheets.

It's a nice campaign that built some excitement, gave some folks a special experience that was then shared online and offered anyone interested a chance to feel a part of it by the end. In the process, Coldplay got more media coverage for their new release "Ghost Stories."


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