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Crowdtilt-logoCrowdtilt launched as a way for groups to pool money and has grown into a multifaceted service for pooling money, fundraising and selling things all of which share elements of crowdfunding. Earlier this year they launched Crowdtilt Open, an open source platform for DIY crowdfunding, and yesterday they launched Sell Something, a platform for selling anything that uses a crowdfunding approach to determining demand. For a limited time, it's also free to use with no commission or credit card fees.

Crowdtilt's an interesting company whose initial fund pooling approach for groups didn't really fit Hypebot crowdfunding or ecommerce coverage. However the launch of Crowdhoster, their first DIY hosting effort, was certainly relevant though I failed to write about it till it relaunched as Crowdtilt Open earlier this year.

Yesterday Crowdtilt launched a new presale/crowdfunding option called Sell Something. Sell Something allows you to offer an item for sale but wait until a certain number of presales occur before "tilting" the item into production.

This approach combines the presale and market testing aspects of crowdfunding in a manner that could be quite powerful for testing demand for merch items and the like:

"Now you have an easy way to sell directly to your group or community without any upfront costs or risk. Just set the minimum number of items required to make it a reality and blast it out. People will instantly join your campaign, but no one will be charged until you hit the minimum. Since we’ve launched Crowdtilt, tilters like you have clamored for this seamless selling feature — in fact, it’s our most requested feature to date"

All Crowdtilt campaigns are free to set up and, for the moment, they are "waiving all fees" for use of Sell Something.


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