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Did Dr. Dre Reveal Beats x Apple Deal In Video? Illuminati Analysts Yet To Weigh In

Beats-electronics-logoWith official confirmation yet to come, which will have to wait until Apple and Beats Electronics actually make a deal, pop culture researchers are weighing in with fresh signs of a likely positive outcome. In a video that eventually disappeared from Facebook but found a new home on YouTube, Dr. Dre and Tyrese Gibson celebrate the "first billionnaire in hip hop." Still to come: analysts on the possible involvement of the Illuminati!

While we wait for news on the likely deal between Apple and Beats Electronics, the web has been weighing in on a video in which Tyrese Gibson and Dr. Dre celebrate the apparent deal in discussion.

Originally appearing on Gibson's Facebook page with a note saying that it was shot "on the night his deal went public," the two have a bit of fun dropping hints about rearranging the Forbes list and calling Dre the "first billionaire in hip-hop."

Which is going to hurt Diddy but no one seems to care at the moment.

West Coast!

Though it's down from Gibson's Facebook page the video remains available on YouTube.

Engadget has a Facebook screenshot that confirms Gibson also noted a price of $3.2 billion which seems to be the number of the day.

Speaking of numbers and hand signs, cause Dre is making a lot of hand gestures in the above video, I'm wondering what analysts of the Illuminati will reveal.

Don't forget Dr. Dre's HP commercial revealed the Illuminati masterminds behind the scenes. Are they now simply bringing Apple into the fold or was Apple in on it all along?


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  1. But this must be a trick from the Illumanati(the most secret organization we’ve all seen, heard, speculated about, researched and exposed).

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