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Exfm-logoOn Monday, May 19th, Exfm closes for good. This news comes after a period of uncertainty following a December announcement that they would shut but would continue on with a Chrome extension. In January Exfm delayed closure but now everything, apparently including the Chrome extension, is shutting down. Yet the founders say they expect to announce their next steps soon and "believe we will ultimately provide you with the best music service in the seven kingdoms."

In a blog post signed by CEO Dan Kantor, Creative Director Marshall Jones and Designer Jason Culler, Exfm yesterday announced their imminent closure:

"Back in December, we announced we were going to shut down Exfm. While we were able to keep it running for a few more months, unfortunately that is no longer the case."

"On Monday, May 19th, 4 days from now, we are going to shut down Exfm. This includes the website, mobile apps, extensions and API. We urge you to export your loved songs and sites now."

In December 2013 Exfm initially announced closure with a Chrome extension to continue:

"Our new Chrome extension will let you scrobble songs to from Soundcloud. You can buy Bandcamp songs you hear on Tumblr. You can discover music on a blog and instantly save it to your Rdio or Spotify playlist. It acts as the glue between these services."

In January they surprised folks with the news that they weren't shutting down as announced:

"We’ve been working hard and talking to lots of people to find a way forward. While we continue to explore all our options around potential partnerships, we want to keep Exfm going. While we don’t have anything to announce today, we are optimistic that we can find a great home for Exfm. "

Yesterday's announcement brings all such hopes for Exfm to a close as they plan to shut down the "website, mobile apps, extensions and API."

This statement seems to include the Chrome extension so it's unclear what their next step will be. However they seem pretty clear that there will be one:

"Hey everyone, we know we’ve been pretty quiet around Exfm’s future, but rest assured we’ve been busy talking with folks figuring out the best path forward. While we don’t have anything to announce today, we are confident we will very soon..."

"We’ll leave you with this — we are very excited for what’s next and believe we will ultimately provide you with the best music service in the seven kingdoms."

Keep up with their blog and Twitter for updates.


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