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How Cover Songs Can Take Your Music Career to the Next Level

Acoustic-Guitar-1-610x406Everybody wants to be heard - and most of us want everyone to hear what is ours. There is much to be said to sticking to your own script, but sometimes it pays to pay tribute to popular classics. By tackling a few recognizable cover songs, you may find that you've opened the door to harnessing new potential.

Join Lukas Camenzind on MusicThinkTank.com as he explores the behind the scenes benefits of cover songs.

"People prefer what they’re familiar with over what they don’t know. So when you cover a popular song, people will like you and your performance more - just because they’re already familiar with the song. It doesn’t mean your own songs aren’t as good. It just means that with a cover, the hard work of popularizing the song is already done."

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