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Learn Music Mixing While Playing With Peter Gabriel's Music

Remix-masterPlay With Your Music (PWYM) is a collaborative effort between faculty from NYU, P2P University and the MIT Media Lab. It's a free learning community organized around an introductory course featuring music, in this session, by Peter Gabriel. Participants will learn remixing basics and work on their own as well as with other students. It starts May 16.

Play With Your Music (via @buzzsonic) is a MOOC, for massively open online course, which PWYM redefines as a massively open online community. Basically it's a free course/community with which a lot of people will become involved.

Welcome to Play With Your Music

The course includes video interviews with Kevin Killen and Jerry Marotta both of whom have worked with Peter Gabriel.

Play With Your Music is organized into 6 modules:

Module One: Critical Listening

Module Two: Recording Analysis

Module Three: Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Mix

Module Four: Creative Audio Effects in the DAW

Module Five: Remixing with MIDI in the DAW

Module Six: Remixing it All Together

You can find additional details about the course and community here and in the FAQ.


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