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Ejah Digi

Bruce- read that first sentence back. Yup it's horrible and the grammar is even worse. How do you not have an editor?


Beats Music offers nothing different than the other players in the music service business. Why Apple sees them as special is the question. The curated playlists bit has to be a smokescreen.

More thoughts on this here: http://www.alternapop.com/2014/05/28/thoughts-apples-acquisition-beats/

Paul Resnikoff

Bruce, love you man but it pains me to read stuff like this:

When you get push the fanboys dreaming about a Jimmy/Dre Apple takeover, reaction to Apple's $3 billion deal to buy Beats Electronics and Beats Music, as well as, to give Beats execs key roles in Cupertino, is at best mixed.


This is the beginning of the end for AAPL.

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