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Ushers-new-look-logoThis week Usher's New Look nonprofit officially announced their new "Music Industry Leadership 101" program for high school students. It's currently being piloted in a number of schools. Recent news coverage gives a nice sense of how the program will both introduce kids to career paths in the music industry and connect what they're learning to finding one's passion and building a career plan around that passion whether or not it's in music.

Usher's New Look, a non-profit founded by Usher in 1999, seeks to " develop global youth leaders":

"Through a unique peer-to-peer program, youth are given a 'new look' on life – the tools and resources needed to succeed. New Look focuses on four main leadership pillars: talent, education, career and service. Since 1999, New Look has trained and certified over 16,000 youth as global leaders and provided over 300,000 hours of leadership training worldwide."

Recently they began piloting their Music Industry Leadership 101 course in a group of public schools:

"Music Industry Leadership 101 is a full credit-earning course, blended or supplemental solution for high school students developed in partnership with Beanstalk Innovation. The Pilot Program, which launched earlier this month, will reach more than 2,000 students around the country."

The following video takes a look at one pilot in progress including the perspectives of James Harris of Usher's New Look. Early in the video a young woman describes her take on "talent, education, career and service" with specific examples illustrating how the program is also adaptable to careers outside the music industry.

Music Industry Leadership 101 Course Introduction

Here's more on the course:

"The structure of Music Industry Leadership 101 encourages students to learn, practice and apply their key findings through interesting and relevant content, learning exercises and real-life experiences told first hand by leading industry experts. The topics of the course focus on understanding the industry, learning to identify your brand, the importance of marketing, career exploration and leadership, and teamwork in the industry."

The program will be available in the fall at select school districts in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida.


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