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what exactly you consider to be exploitative of interns is a little vague. i've never heard of an internship with no end date. that should always be provided by the school. if someone wants to stay past that date then obviously that's their own choice. it looks a lot better on a resume than blank space. the idea is to get work experience and some sort of school/class credit, but not necessarily monetary compensation. whether it's a paid internship or not should be clear going into any situation. but in general, getting paid is a "job," not an internship. do the internship for as long as it's required, and at the end if there's an opening and you get a job, great. if you don't, then move on. it's not that complicated.


Sometimes people don't have enough experience in the actual business to comment on the matter. Commenting from the sidelines doesn't count.


@ Mason,

Please read carefully the content and try to differentiate the meaning between the internals and internships.It may be true the internships may have start and end date but it not true that all internships are unpaid; that depends on the field. Moreover, internals most of the time are paid. Anyway, if you try harder to understand the content I believe you will get the main point of this paper and not focusing in tiny aspect that may be irrelevant or have no value

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