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MyMusicCloud Now Available On Samsung Smartwatches In Drive To Be Everywhere You Are

GearNeoRng_600x600_xlarge_clToday MyMusicCloud announces the availability of their music app on the new Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. This effort continues what Tamir Koch, CEO of parent company TriPlay, describes as a mission to make your music available on all devices, operating systems and browsers. And, in the future, if you want to listen to music from appliances in your connected kitchen, MyMusicCloud intends to be there. That may sound far-fetched but it's all part of serving customers around the world who aren't limiting themselves to a single brand when they go gadget shopping.

Today's announcement of the availability of the MyMusicCloud app on Samsung's Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo is but one step on a long journey undertaken by TriPlay Founder and CEO Tamir Koch.

The Next Generation Personal Cloud

TriPlay is developing what they call the "Next Generation Personal Cloud." This concept is one which Tamir Koch described to me in a recent interview as moving beyond the first generation of solutions such as Apple's iCloud, which makes your music available across Apple devices, to providing your music across all devices no matter who makes them.

This is a complicated affair but they're off to an impressive start with a wide range of native apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and Samsung across numerous devices including smartphones, smartwatches and smart tvs. MyMusicCloud is also cross-browser capable so desktop computers and laptops don't feel left out.

I spoke with Tamir Koch about MyMusicCloud but TriPlay also has a personal cloud offering called MyDigipack for the rest of your digital media with a new version coming quite soon.

As Koch pointed out, these days people don't just own multiple devices from one company. That means that siloed solutions are increasingly less relevant to folks like me who, for example, gave up Mac cultism to add Chromebooks and Samsung phones to the mix.

What MyMusicCloud Offers

MyMusicCloud provides a freemium solution for this brave new world with free, unlimited cloud storage and syncing across devices.

The free plan allows you to listen to a selection of up to 250 tracks of your uploaded music. However you can upload everything and redesignate those 250 tracks as you wish.

For $39.99 you can listen to everything across all devices.

Music can be uploaded from a variety of sources including iTunes and Windows media libraries, Dropbox, Google Drive and your computer.

Once uploaded, MyMusicCloud doesn't just give you a bunch of files to sort through. It includes a music store, playlists, lyrics and music recommendations based on your existing collection. MyMusicCloud also provides offline play which addresses one of the main limitations of cloud-based streaming.

In addition, and of great importance, the app takes context into account. For example, on your desktop you might want to check out lyrics but on a smartwatch you probably just want the music to play. So the MyMusicCloud app doesn't just work across devices but is designed for use cases as well.

TriPlay Has Global Ambitions for MyMusicCloud

If you follow such geeky topics as the difficulties of developing apps for Android devices, which come in many flavors, you'll recognize the enormity of what TriPlay is trying to pull off with MyMusicCloud and MyDigipack.

It sounds like the approach is being well-received with over half a million current users, mostly in the U.S. MyMusicCloud is now adding around 100k new users every month and Koch expects to soon cross the million user milestone.

Though they're strongest in the States, MyMusicCloud is available globally in 24 languages so they'll be prepared when they make a stronger international push.

Koch says Samsung is a great partner but they're also working with other companies like Toshiba, Nokia and Asus as strategic partners. Such companies are recognizing the need for solutions that match actual consumer behavior and see that MyMusicCloud addresses that need.

Tamir Koch is quite passionate about TriPlay's mission and once he sketched it out for me I could see why. They're already breaking new ground for music listeners. And, as he noted, people may not want to stream music from their refrigerators just yet but, when they do, he wants to provide the app to make that happen.


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