Promote Your Shows With These 3 Events Listing and Management Sites

Billetto_main_LThe following sites offer varying opportunities for promoting your shows. SpinGo focuses on events listings in the U.S. and includes music. Their distribution network makes them especially strong. Billetto is a European ticketing and "event discovery community." Though it would require using their ticketing services, including free/no fee ticketing, Billetto is taking an interesting approach to supporting events. And Upcoming is exactly that, a grassroots events site that is being revived through a Kickstarter campaign which won't be available till next year.

SpinGo: Local Events Listings

SpinGo is a local events calendar that seems to be focused on medium to large cities in the U.S. It includes a variety of events with plenty of music.

SpinGo gets out the word beyond their site with a presence on a large number of news and entertainment sites around the country.

Partners have been attracted to their human-filtered listings and SpinGo's success to date recently led to a $2 million Series A round of investment. So it sounds like they'll be around for awhile.

You can add events for free and paid promotions are available.

Billetto: Beyond Ticketing to Building Community

Billetto bills itself as an "event discovery community" which provides not only ticketing but a variety of features including merch sales, donations and event management tools.

Billetto also includes member profiles and social elements to build a community around events that lives beyond individual events. As the community grows, promotional opportunities will grow as well.

Currently Billetto is available to "users in Denmark, the UK, Sweden and Norway, and the next countries for launch will be Germany and the Netherlands."

Upcoming: A Collaborative Event Calendar Reborn

Upcoming.org launched in 2003 as a "collaborative event calendar focused on interesting arts and tech events around the world." It was a listings calendar with a strong community base which led to it's acquisition by Yahoo.

Unfortunately Yahoo put it to bed but founder Andy Baio has gotten the go-ahead to take the domain and revive the site. He's getting things off the ground via an already highly success Kickstarter campaign.

Baio hopes to relaunch in public beta by March 2015 but plenty can happen between now and then.

Nevertheless it's nice to see a once valued community-driven events listing service getting back in the game. Upcoming.org, whatever form it takes, should be a boon to DIY and indie acts.


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