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QubuzAnother established streaming music player is set launch in the United States before the end of the year. Founded in 2007, Paris based music streamer Qobuz says it will expand its lossless service to North America before the end of 2014. "Canada will be first," Edward Chisholm, the head of International Business Development for Qobuz tells Hypebot. "and the States will be streaming CD Quality music in time for Christmas."

Founded in 2007, Qobuz's streaming catalog of 20 million songs in the high quality FLAC format is already available in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria. Later this year, the company will add Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Canada and the U.S.

A companion high quality download service, which includes what the Chisholm says is the world's largest catalog of studio masters, will launch this summer in Europe followed by North America before the end of the year.

In addition to the requisite apps, desktop player and website, Qobuz has an editorial team writing HiFi equipment reviews, album reviews and related news published in English, French, Dutch and German.  

"With localized music managers for each territory, we also ensure to have very strong local music shown," says Chisholm. "we’re a service for demanding clients who don’t just want mainstream music. Hence why we have a much bigger classical and jazz catalog."

Watch the Qobuz promo video: