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Justin Boland

...but they're still leaving the manifesto up, right? Exactly.

Adriana Rose

This is definitely not a reason for him to be taken down and forced to resign. It is as if you are firing someone for offering you cheap musical instruments when you asked for cheap musical instruments. Force someone to resign after you most likely allowed him to share his view. Where is the freedom of speech?


Granted Mahbod is entitled to hold the views that he does but for an individual who represents an outlet seeking to gain further presence in media, technology and popular culture perhaps at the very least he could have observed that there is a time and a place for some comments and thoughts and whilst he is free to believe and wonder what he wills (no matter how disturbing many of us may find his views), the public and his investors are also free to part ways when they perceive a statesman transgressing the greater equanimity of a public entity…

Rap Genius ? Could it be ever more oxymoronic?


Bruce Houghton

Even freedom of speech has limits and as a founder he should be held to an even higher standard.

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