Slyde Launches Mobile App To Promote Singles With Rich Content and Monetization

Slyde-logoSlyde is a newly launched mobile platform for music marketing and monetization. Artists create "slydes" featuring a promotional single along with a variety of related content. Users collect the slydes, which are available for a specific period of time that's clearly marked, and enjoy not only audio but such content as lyrics, pics and videos. Monetization is also possible through such features as track sales via iTunes with more options ahead.

Slyde is a promising attempt to create a rich digital experience that regains what many feel we've lost via digital music. In an official statement Slyde revealed:

"We set out to create a new format. Slyde was designed to recapture a certain kind of discovery experience (physical albums, liner notes, imagery, etc.) that we think is missing from the landscape, and bring that experience forward into current technology."

Slyde further clarifies:

"A slyde is a mobile magazine built around a new music single where music fans can experience new releases and related exclusive content (articles, liner notes, lyrics, photo galleries and videos) available over a limited time promotional window."

Free apps are available for iOS and Android.

Slyde-shotSlyde has a quick onboarding process and is easy to navigate as you dig deeper though sometimes I found it hard to get back to the initial screens and check out other artists. Overall it's well-designed for the task at hand.

There have been various attempts to create digital media packages that enrich the MP3 with content related to what people used to get on vinyl and cd covers. However attempts to build destination sites around such formats don't seem to have taken off.

Slyde's actual differentiator is the focus on promo releases in a limited window. Turning slydes into limited time offerings emphasizes the promotional aspect and artist control of the slyde. In addition, judging from the announcement, new forms of monetization are on the way:

"Through Slyde’s upcoming toolkit releases, artists will be empowered to monetize their music and live performances in new ways."

It's a smart approach but Slyde is also working to become a destination discovery site which is a truly difficult task. If slydes were portable that would open up all sorts of possibilities but as long as you have to go to Slyde to experience them, the likelihood of success is reduced.

Nevertheless Slyde is definitely worth checking out with a number of artists already on board. If you want to get your music on Slyde, go here.

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