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Spotify Shows Strong Growth: 40 Million Active Users, 10 Million Paid Subscribers

Spotify logo(UPDATE 2) Sharing their first new subscriber numbers since March of 2013, Spotify this morning announced that it now has 10 million paying subscribers and more than 40 million active users in 56 markets worldwide. That's up from 24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers just over a year ago. 

image from www.clipartbest.com3 millon of those subscribers are in the U.S. and much of the latest growth has been driven by mobile. according to reports.

"We've had an amazing year, growing from 20 markets to 56 as people from around the world embrace streaming music. 10 million subscribers is an important milestone for both Spotify and the entire music industry," said Daniel Ek, CEO and Founder, Spotify.

Despite increasing competition, Ek paints Spotify as the unequivocal leader. "We’re widening our lead in the digital music space and will continue to focus on getting everyone in the world to listen to more music," he said.

Spotify Users Are Active, Love Palylists

Since Spotify’s launch in 2008, users have created over 1.5 billion playlists, collectively creating or updating over 5 million playlists each day says the company.

 Spotify says it has paid over $1 billion dollars to rights holders since launch.

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