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"a major motivation behind the deal is that getting streaming right helps keep Apple in the music game"

I've seen nothing from the Beats Music app that makes it any better than any other offering from its competitors. It seems like a lot of hype and living off the brand name more so than being very innovative.


If this comes to pass, there will be something other than headphones, streaming, or acquirehire that Apple gets, as they don't really need any of those. I'll believe it when it happens…

Ed Jennings

My guess is that Apple/Beats won't materialize until iOS9 and that's fine.

Remi Swierczek

For Apple or Amazon not to see streaming as a "dead end tunnel" proposition makes them equally ignorant to big three labels.

Streaming is the best method of delivery and there is no alternative.

Streaming Turbo-Napster / Spotify style leads to music industry dwarf land. 200M subs at $6 makes just $14B add $5B for YT style adds around free and you got $19B in 2020

At that point iTunes and Amazon MP3 will be gone and global Radio will shrink from current $40+ to just $20B.
All this fashionable activity for overall shrinkage of music related business.

With current resources we can have vibrant $100 billion dollar music industry by 2020. It should be our common goal.

As we speak we're full steam to streaming shrinkage of music industry to just $14B in 2014.

Sad numbers considering that inflation adjusted 1999 = $56 billion with zero growth over the years!


APPLE + BEATS: Apple should cut all ties and run! Help stop it and sign.


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