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Top Five Must-Have Music Apps for 2014

MobilePhoneApps1With the rise of technology and the domination of mobile sharing, apps are more relevant than ever. As platforms expand, both artists and audiences become more demanding in their expectations. We want results immediately. We want to push a button and know that we can not only listen to our favorite music, but find other music like it and be able to share those discoveries with others.

With so many great music apps at our disposal, finding the right one for you may be overwhelming. Janel Forsythe helps us narrow it down on Join the conversation - share your favorite music apps with us!

"Another aspect of the Spotify app that distinguishes it from others is the “Discover” feature.  Not only can you find information on artist appearances in your local area, but you can briefly pause the first song you are listening to in order to hear a sample of another song suggested by Spotify. "

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