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Will Apple's Next EarPods Be The Ultimate Wearable Device?

headphoneUPDATED: Apple's ubiquitous white EarPods could be poised become the ultimate wearable device. It all started with an anonymous comment on the Secret app: "Apple's new EarPods will have sensors in them for heart rate & blood pressure. Also iBeacons so they don't get lost.  The will require the lightning port, its why the audio jack was removed from the bottom." Since then pundits, analysts and a few previous patent filings support the assertion.

Update After The Jump

image from www.macspecialist.com

Many rumors point to iOS 8 including major new health tracking features. Most thought that the body contact needed to trigger the needed sensors would come via an iWatch, but why add another device when earbuds are already a regular part of many daily lives?

"...Owners of Apple's next version should be very happy customers," concludes ReadWrite's Dave Smith. "It also fits Apple’s pattern of improving devices until they are transformed. The humble EarPod, turned into the ultimate wearable. With all of its competitors looking at their wrists, will Apple beat them all to our ears?"

And imagine the creative possibilities - matching music's beat directly to the listeners heartbeat, measuiring the physical effects of a song and then creating remixes that trigger different responses...

UPDATE: While intriguing, the rumor that started the speculation is likely a fake. “I made it up,” read the blog post, which was published on Tumblr