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2 Things That You Can Do Today to Start Making Music Industry Contacts

Networking1Knowing the right people in any industry can be quite the door opener. It's doesn't mean you get to cut corners on the hard work, but it does mean it may get you a seat at a table you may not have found yourself at otherwise. Making and keeping those contacts can make or break you in today's music industry. If you're proactive go into your networking efforts with a plan it can make all the difference.

Creating a strategy is key - creating a strategy that makes sense is essential. Making realistic and measurable goals gives you data to assess and build from as your career moves forward. Join us on MusicThinkTank.com as Simon Tam presents a inspired approach to industry networking.

"Use “Pull” Marketing Strategies: “Push” marketing is exactly what it sounds like: taking a proactive approach to reach out. However, “pull” marketing is far more effective. That’s when you draw people in."

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