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3 Ways Musicians Can Learn From Other Industries

Panelist taking notesThere is a lot to be said for being committed to studying within your field, but often, it is what you learn outside of it that gets you where you're going. The music can be assessed and evaluated from multiple angles. The record label, the booking agency, the artist - everyone is going to have a different perspective. Spending some time learning from as many of those people as possible both in and outside of the business may be the most valuable time you spend building your career.

Give your fans, your artists, your readers something to be a part of. Cultivating communities within your fanbase creates the opportunities for your efforts to be perpetuated by superfans. Compare your work to those around you. Careful not to be hypercritical, but be aware of whats going on around you, and most importantly, learn from it. If you can harness these basics and build off of the ways Simon Tam suggests learning from other industries, the possibilities for your career might very well be endless. Join the conversation on

"When I want a different perspective on the music industry, I’ll look for articles written by people who are involved from completely different jobs. Then, I’ll meet up with someone in the industry, take them out to lunch, and bounce ideas off of them. It’s a great way to help keep each other informed and to build those relationships."

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