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5 DIY Music Marketing Myth-Busting Insights

Andrew-apanovDotted Music's Andrew Apanov shares his take on music marketing myths with Ilpo Kärkkäinen of Resoundsound. Along the way he busts myths of meritocracy, one-size-fits-all business assumptions and social media number chasing. In the process he shares a number of ideas worth considering on their own. Here are 5 insights he shared in this myth-busting conversation:

Via Resoundsound.

People Start Listening With Their Eyes

"You may think all that matters is your music, but I tend to say that people start listening with their eyes, not ears, even without realizing it."

Social Networks Should...Work For You - Not Vice Versa

"Social networks should be parts of your strategy, serve goals, and work for you – not vice versa."

Give Away For Something, Even If It's Not Money

"I’m against “free” as in “totally free”. When you give away, give away for something, even if it’s not money – an email address, a social share or something else...You don’t lose prestige when you attach a non-monetary price to your music either, as an email address is an online currency."

Social Networks Play The Roles That You Define

"Facebook and Twitter and all the other social networks are important for success these days, but too many musicians and brands don’t really understand why they grow the following, or even why they run social media profiles in the first place. Social networks play the roles that you define."

Start Growing Your Email List...It's Something You Control

"If you want to get just one thing out of this article – start growing your email list...One of the most important reasons is that it’s something you control"

Ilpo Kärkkäinen interviewed Andrew Apanov for Resoundsound.

Andrew Apanov runs music marketing agency Dotted Music and recently launched WeSpin, an online platform for electronic music career training.


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