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Brooklyn-bowl-logoBrooklyn Bowl is one of the more interesting venue success stories of late with its combination of bowling, music and quality service. Having already expanded to London and Las Vegas, the early questions about Brooklyn Bowl's chances for success have long been answered. Fast Company recently checked in with founder Peter Shapiro who shared "7 lessons...learned the hard way."

Peter Shapiro has an impressive background in the industry:

"When he was 23, he bought The Wetlands, a New York nightclub. By the time Brooklyn Bowl opened its doors in 2009, Shapiro had made two documentaries on The Grateful Dead, revamped the music magazine Relix, and collaborated with U2 on a 3-D IMAX version of their concerts."

Yet when he decided to combine bowling and live music in an ancient Brooklyn barn, people seriously questioned whether or not Brooklyn Bowl could make it. Here are the 7 lessons he learned in the process of showing it could be done

7 Lessons Learned The Hard Way

1. Have a vision and trust it

2. Just because someone "thinks" you're wrong, doesn't make it a fact

3. In the early days, call everyone you know for help

4. Put your money where your mouth is

5. You might not hit the ground running, but you better be ready to pick up speed

6. Obsess over quality

7. Don't be scared to screw it up

Schapiro's lessons mostly boil down to committing to your vision, seeking the help you need, taking care of the big and little stuff and forgiving yourself when you make inevitable mistakes.

Check the full piece for more.


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