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Amoeba-music-logoAmoeba Music is a bricks and mortar success story with shops in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood. Fast Company recently interviewed Amoeba co-founder Marc Weinstein about what makes Amoeba Music work. He points to a number of factors in their success from having a complementary co-owner to empowering one's employees. But perhaps the best insight of all is to "imagine the ideal store in our customers’ eyes" and to create that.

Though Amoeba Music is known for its physical stores, I should note that they also won a Webby Award for their video series What's In My Bag?

You can see an example here of Superchunk. As the shoppers discuss each item, Amoeba also includes a sample from that item whether a DVD or musical product. In addition, as each item is discussed it also appears highlighted in the sidebar with an indicator if it's available for sale from Amoeba. Smart!

Fast Company interviewed Marc Weinstein about what makes the stores work. He pointed to a number of elements including:

Find A Complementary Partner To Keep Things Balanced

“Dave [Prinz] loves to negotiate leases and deal with attorneys...I’m the complete opposite. I’m creative; I love being around people; I’m a drummer; and I have a degree in fine arts."

Empower Employees To Take Responsibility By Taking Charge

"Amoeba’s leadership learned early on to treat the different sections in their stores almost as record stores unto themselves, putting them under the care of knowledgeable and passionate employees."

Build What You Consider The Ideal Destination

"What we’ve tried to do is imagine the ideal store in our customers’ eyes, and that’s what we shoot for."

Weinstein has more to share at Fast Company.


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