Are Gratis Licenses For Music Placements In Film and TV A Smart Move? - hypebot

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Nick Dolan

Well written and good information, I've got nothing to add! I guess I will say that as this is an important aspect of many developing careers, we're also all responsible for keeping an eye on how this affects the industry over time - especially with "free" becoming a more common price tag everyday.


Great introductory article however, there's a lot of information that a first time licensor would need to know in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to grant a gratis license. I do think your intentions are good but when you state that "If your music gets placed into a TV show that gets syndicated, you could be seeing royalty checks come in for years," I think you're selling a nice idea but not providing readers with enough facts.

Maybe something helpful would be to add a list of questions to ask when negotiating a gratis license. For example, how much music in seconds or minutes will be used? What time of day will it broadcast? What is the use of the music? What network will it air on? Will it be considered background music, cue music or bridge music or the coveted featured performance or theme song? Who will file the cue sheet and when?

I honestly wouldn't have taken the time to comment on this post if I wasn't concerned about the future of music. When people ask me how I make a living in music I tell them, "I say NO more times than I say YES". I feel like you're article is suggesting that indie musicians should just say yes and hope the check comes in the mail.

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we're also all responsible for keeping an eye on how this affects the industry over time.

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