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Case Study: How Norman Records' Improved Their Ecommerce Design

Norman-records-logoChristopher Ratcliff takes a close look at ecommerce design and pratices on Norman Records' site. They do a lot of things right and Ratcliff considers them an excellent example not just of a record site but of ecommerce in general. Interestingly enough they first had to mess their design up a bit to discover what their customers really wanted. That took a while but has been paying off in dividends.

Ratcliff explains "Why Norman Records is a masterclass of ecommerce design" including elements that aren't really design but are a reminder that a well-designed site helps bring everything together to create a great customer experience.

He also spoke with Norman Records directors Phil Leigh and Nathon Raine.

They and Ratcliff emphasize the importance of design. But they also share the fact that they stripped the site down in the process of going responsive to mobile devices and had to go through a redesign with a customer feedback process.

In addition to creating a more effective design from the customers' viewpoint that was easily accessible on mobile devices, this process lead to a number of new features including:

A loyalty program called "NormanPoints."

10% back in the form of a gift voucher for one's second order.

"Stasher account "- store can collect a stash of items over time to be shipped together to save on shipping.

Norman Records' site also displays "social proof" of customers' positive feedback and even offers a photographic guide to packing options which are of special interest to vinyl shoppers.

Ratcliff goes into additional detail at Econsultancy in a lengthy piece well worth your time.


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