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Counterfeit Merchandise: The Music Industry’s Unspoken Challenge

Shutterstock_72593740With the rise of digital merchandising comes a lot of look alikes. Everyone wants "in" on the successful artists' career - sometimes this means the illegal download and/or streaming of music or, a taking things a step futhe by counterfeiting merchandise for profit. Counterfeit merchandise is one of the most active ways "fans" are mooching off of artists, and free-market platforms like Amazon make it nearly impossible to track effectively.

Why all this talk about such a big problem if there's nothing we can do about it? Because there is. Knowledge is power. Learn more about the counterfeit merchandise phenomenon with Andy Young on

"For all the talk about illegal streaming, takedown notices and royalty rates, the amount of counterfeit music related merchandise available on websites like Amazon is almost hard to comprehend.  This situation is holding back new revenue opportunities and damaging the artist-fan relationship.  So, where is the outrage from the industry?"

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