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Lena dolder

GREAT article! I am one of the angry public waiting for these underhanded corporate shirts to give up their sneaky ploy to take over WRAS! we do not want this! They need to give up and slither back to whatever slimy hole they crawled out of! We love wras, and we love the shows and the djs! The kids are great and we have learned so much about music and unknown bands from listening! Where else would we get that??? Other stations play the same subpar crap all day! Don't take away the music from my family!


Here are the points of contact you mention in the article above.
WRAS needs every music lover's help on this one:

Clyde Smith

Thanks Terry I just added it.


WRAS is not about political affiliation, but student programming and music. The city does not need a duplicate NPR station at the expense of something truly unique to Atlanta and a cultural icon for more than 40 years.

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