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Fliplingo-workflowThe web has offered us a way to connect with people around the world fairly easily as long as they speak the same language. But since music can cross language barriers, finding a way to reach those who speak other languages may be well worth your time to see if foreign markets respond. Fliplingo offers one solution for reaching out with translated tweets. It's an interesting service combining outsourced human translation and machine translation organized for Twitter-specific use that could help you reach and even socialize with new fans.

Fliplingo is a really interesting service that is tying together translation and social media in a single service.

The basic idea is simple. You can have your tweets translated by a human for 7 cents a word or for free by machine. Translations are done via Gengo which offers the lowest pricing on legitimate appearing translation services that I've seen though that's only at the lowest quality translation level they offer from humans.

But what makes Fliplingo more than just a simple translation service that combines human and machine options is their Twitter-focused service which includes such valuable features beyond translation as:

Time zone scheduler

Free machine translation of mentions on Twitter

The ability to reply in the user's language

With additional features on the way, such as image uploads directly from Fliplingo and integration with other social platforms, it's likely that the long-term vision is not only to handle social media translations but to also become one's primary social media dashboard.

At least that's the potential and also the reason to keep an eye on Fliplingo to see how they develop.

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