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Spotify Gives Developers Playlist Creation Superpowers

Gracenote's Echo Nest Replacement 'Rhythm' To Power ROK Music Streaming

gracenote rhythmWhen Spotify bought The Echo Nest, it sent the many users of the later's music data and streaming algorithms scrambling. Gracenote was among the first to deliver a serious alternative and today ROK chose Gracenote Rhythm to power its soon to launch mobile music streaming service.
image from liliputing.comLaunching on July 4th, ROK Mobile is a new wireless phone service that provides unlimited voice, text and data for only $49.99 per month, with no long-term contract. As an added incentive, ROK Mobile is offering its exclusive ROK Music streaming service, featuring more than 20 million tracks, at no additional charge.
Tapping into Gracenote’s musical algorithms, editorial and data, ROK Music lets fans launch and stream radio stations based on their favorite artists and tracks. They can then also apply Gracenote's unique mood filters to match the right musical moment. Fans might create a playlist based on Lorde filtering by a mood such as “excited” to deliver more energetic tracks.
Next Big Sound and Musicmetric 
Since launching Rhythm, Gracenote added trending and popularity data from Next Big Sound and Musicmetric to help uncover emerging artists and tracks.  New data from these sources will be paired with Gracenote’s music recognition insights, gleaned from 600 million daily searches of the Gracenote database.