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Hi-art-logoThe rise of messaging apps and associated stickers that go beyond emoji has opened up new territory for art and marketing. While stickers have been associated most closely with specific messaging platforms, Hi-Art is a new company that helps musicians and other artists get their sticker game on independent of specific services. Available to consumers via an iOS app, Hi-Art's stickers are both free and paid.

Hi-Art (via MusFormation) is an interesting new company in the messaging sticker game. They distribute free and paid sticker packs through their iOS app with stickers from Jason Derulo, Ghostface Killah, Dan Santoro, Ron English, Claw Money, Dee and Ricky, Bigfoot One, Ewok One and many more.

Stickers are saved to your collection or camera roll and can then be shared via SMS text, chat, Twitter and Facebook. Paid sticker packs are currently priced at .99 or $1.99.

You can see examples from the Ghostface Killah $1.99 pack here.

According to Venture Beat Hi-Art was founded by Nico Dios of the NY graffiti crew Irak who has more plans but is keeping them to himself at the moment.

If you're interested in putting forth your artistic vision in sticker form, contact: info(at)hi-art(dot)me.


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