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We live in a remix world. Nothing exists in a vacuum, everything is a product of everything else. There would be no Star Wars, automobiles, or human language if people were not allowed to mix and match ideas and concepts that others had already achieved. The very building blocks of genetics mix and match DNA making it a part of the natural world.

Justin Boland

We also live in a world run by lawyers.


After self-releasing numerous albums of original tunes, I decided to jump into the remix game using Soundcloud as a release platform: https://soundcloud.com/disgomusic . The majority of audio on Soundcloud seems to be basically copyright-infringing derivative works: DJ mixes, unofficial remixes, cover songs, etc. I mean, how many people have 2+ hours of quality, unreleased, completely original material anyways? Not many. I thought soundcloud was a safe haven to upload audio, but one of my remixes was just taken down by Soundcloud's bots, even though the artist I supposedly "infringed" on actually posts his acapellas on soundcloud for remixers to download AND he posts DJ mixes full of other peoples tunes. Not to mention that numerous other remixes of the same song are still on up on soundcloud. I'm so wary now of taking all the time to upload content to soundcloud if they're just going to randomly take it down. They should work like music blogs and only take down content that is specifically identified and complaint filed by the actual copyright owner...not some random dragnet. This could be the end of soundcloud as viable platform.

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