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That's a weird story. How could anybody get the idea that "Provider Sound Recordings" and "Provider Music Videos" only include those given to YouTube?

You may want to read this part of the contract again:

"Provider will provide Google with the same Provider Sound Recordings and Provider Music Videos on the same day as it provides such content to any other similarly situated partners"

Another thing: Nobody claims that Google wants artists to "hand over every song they've ever created".

Google wants artists to hand over every song they've ever *released*.


This post seems almost as embarrassing for hypebot as the post about how Youtube isn't going to take down any videos is for DMN

James Irvin

I think its a really really good blog post. Comment 1+2 just seems pissed on the deal and not this blogpost.


isn't mike masnick a paid google shill via the CCIA and outed in the oracle court order? It's embarrassing that hypebot would run this and it's insulting to musicians. this is the same guy who came up with cwf+rtb, which actually = wtf? Add the word "software" to the word "music" and talk to us about how digital distribution empowers music software developers to build an audience by touring and selling t-shirts, it's out loud laughable.

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