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Caroline Bottomley

And if you need to commission a creative music video, we specialize in connecting labels, managers and artists to directors worldwide who'll pitch you ideas for budgets between $800 and $8,000.

Great post Corey - let's hook up!

Caroline Bottomley

ps, there is a rogue s in your website link at the top of the post - takes you to https://etc (and gives you a warning) rather than taking you to http://etc


Thanks for pointing that out Caroline. I remember stumbling across Radar a while back! I like what you guys have going on!

Justin Boland

Bob Dylan is not David Bowie.


Good article, Corey. I would like to note that Vevo is much more than just YouTube. Vevo is really a “one-stop” destination for artist’s videos. We distribute videos across all of our endpoints and syndication partners - this includes Vevo's web and mobile/tablet and TV apps plus hundreds of websites like AOL, Yahoo!, Univision, Disney and CBS Interactive in addition to YouTube. The scale and reach Vevo can provide artists for their videos is unparalleled.


@Jennifer - You are correct the reach of VEVO is unparallelled, especially if you are signed to Universal or Sony. Independent artists often have to jump through hoops to get into VEVO and because they don't get the extra push from a major label, the video may not do as well as if they had more control over its promotion. Also, some sites like Yahoo!, will add non-VEVO videos to their network with a licensing agreement. We promote many videos that artists have chosen to release through VEVO and it is great but for some independent artists it is worth considering alternatives.


SouthCarolina-(VicFtBGot9Shots)-(My Whip) Team803: http://youtu.be/Xw2EsKafBIo



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