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Mayo Music: "Learn from artists who are killin' it"

Mayo-music-logoMayo Music is a new interview series on Tumblr/YouTube. Dan Polaske has been posting very in-depth interviews for the last couple of months with musicians who've had some specific success and are willing to discuss it in detail. I initially set out to share some tips from a single interview but when I saw the Mayo Music Tumblr I realized this was a useful resource as a whole that DIY musicians should know about.

Mayo Music's first post was at the end of April. Dan Polaske has only posted 5 video interviews, plus a bonus text interview with The Chainsmokers, but they're all worth checking out.

I didn't get the chance to listen to a single interview the whole through, the shortest one's almost a half-hour long, but I did sample parts of each one and found that they got quite detailed about each step of the process of releasing music or appearing on The Voice, in the case of one interviewee.

Lessons from 5 million views on YouTube - Anilyst

Here's the current list of posts:

How to get your music on major music blogs - 5 & A Dime

Lessons from his first 300K listens on SoundCloud - Element

"I played 100 shows before I got paid" - Dizzy Wright

Breakdown of his experience on The Voice - James Cavern

Lessons from 5 million views on YouTube - Anilyst

Bonus: Interview with The Chainsmokers

Dan Polaske's off to a good start. Check out what he's doing at Mayo Music and encourage him to keep at it!

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