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Mixify Announces $1.8 Million Series A Round, Launches Clubcast Livestreaming

Mixify-clubcastMixify, a livestreaming platform for djs, today announced a hefty $1.8 million Series A round from investors including CMB Capital, Tim McGee, Richard Mergler and Tommy Trash. They also announced the official launch of Clubcast which has been under development for at least the last year. Clubcast uses Mixify's tech, which has been used to deliver shows to audiences made up of individuals and small groups scattered all over, and are now using it to connect well-known djs with specific clubs.

Mixify launched in 2012 with an online EDM festival. Their platform was initially designed to connect "international EDM djs with a global audience via listening rooms." But unlike Turntable.fm listening rooms, Mixify's feature djs livestreaming from their studio or other space.

This mix of individuals djs, at all levels of the game, and digital festivals continues to be the focus of Mixify's platform, from what I'm seeing, and their $1.8 million A round suggests that they're showing solid traction at this point (given that "Series A Is The New Series B").

According to an official announcement, investors "include Australian based CMB Capital, Tim McGee and Richard Mergler of Ministry of Sound Australia and Tommy Trash, acclaimed DJ and Grammy Award nominated producer."

Mixify Clubcast - A New Live Event Experience

Today Mixify goes fully public with their new Clubcast service. This is a much more hands-on, cuated service that connects popular djs with clubs and other venues that want to book a livestreamed show.

The company states:

"In its six months of beta testing within more than 15 different markets, Mixify has focused on partnering venues with DJs such as Tommy Trash, Bassjackers and Firebeatz. Clubcast has livestreamed internationally, covering locations such as Buenos Aires, Argentina and The Cayman Islands. It has already experienced a 250% growth rate in just one quarter of beta testing, and expects to be in a total of 40 markets by the end of August 2014."

But they've been experimenting with Clubcast even longer as this video from August 2013 attests.

I sent in a few questions by email about how this service would operate and got this reply from Mixify:

1) Is Mixify involved with the physical aspect on either end or are they just providing the connection via their software and the Internet?

"In addition to providing the actual streaming and connection via Clubcast software, Mixify is hands-on with the venue to collaborate on key aspects of the event. The company consults with their partner on production setup which includes screen display, integration of artist visuals, lighting and audio. In addition, Mixify books each DJ for the show, facilitates internet testing and full run-throughs prior to the event and provides marketing and promotional materials such as flyers and artwork."

2) Is Mixify basically developing a network of venues that are interested in having DJ streams?

"Yes, Mixify is developing a network of venues, promoters, strategic partners (such as festival companies) and brands that want to incorporate the Clubcast service. Mixify is creating an entirely new marketplace by allowing venues to utilize Clubcast technology as well as take advantage of the talent Mixify has to offer through their pre-existing relationships with big-name DJs and artists."

3) What kind of DJ is Mixify looking for and how should they apply?

"A Clubcast does not generally include an application process with DJs. Mixify is streaming out top tier DJs -- artists who perform at major festivals, play internationally and headline club events -- these well known names and acts draw the fans."

Combining The Two Main Plays In Livestreaming

What's really interesting about this to me is that most livestreaming companies either focus on the self-serve platform that's open to everybody or the hands-on service that focuses on higher quality, time consuming livestreams of select shows.

I assume they're already doing more hands-on work with special events on Mixify as well but this is still an interesting hybrid business model that appears to be grounded in the same core tech.

What's also of note is that this service opens up a new revenue stream focused on venues. Mixify's streaming platform is already a freemium service with multiple pricing tiers as well as rev share off such streams as ticketing and tips.  On-platform marketing possibilities seem likely.

Now they can take their tech and experience and open up another potentially large stream of cash. If they can build on their relationships with djs and provide solid service for clubs, this could be a really big opportunity even long after we hit Peak EDM.

With a hefty funding round, it looks like Mixify will get the chance to see if they can pull off their full vision of the possibilities.


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