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Back in the early days of file-sharing, journalist Hiawatha Bray wrote that copyright could only be defended by "a Stalinist-style licensing system for the transfer of information." Looks like today's author is ready to go there!

Jenn Miller

Interesting comparison, but not relevant to what I am suggesting. The article I believe you're citing addresses hackers accessing people's personal computers in peer-to-peer file sharing environments. I am suggesting sharing data from commercial entities (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc) that are hosting and monetizing copyright material.

If commercial entities share data about what is on their platforms, copyright owners would be able to discover where their IP is in use and then determine for themselves, if those uses on the platforms are appropriate.

One of the attendees at the Copyright review session made a great analogy. He said, "...if I have a sports car, and you want to use it, I can tell you no." Currently, with IP, copyright owners have very little ability to make decisions about how their property is used and exploited. In a transparent exchange of data between public systems, copyright owners can better control their own works, a right they should have. After all, for many, it is their livelihood.

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